- Lex Luger, who has not appeared on WWE programming since infamously bolting from the sports-entertainment organization in 1995 to jump ship to World Championship Wrestling, currently has an unofficial affiliation with his former employer.

- Here is some listings for this day in history (9/30)

1991 - At a WWF television taping in Wheeling, West Virginia, Tito Santana wrestled his first match with his new "El Matador" character, defeating Bob Bradley with a flying forearm. Also at the taping, Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart, prior to a non-title match with The Mountie, said he would never defend the belt against "a jailbird", in reference to the Mountie having to spend a night in jail after losing to the Big Bossman. In response, manager Jimmy Hart threw a bucket of water on Hart and the Mountie "electrocuted" Hart with his cattle prod.

1992 - WWF runs in Berlin, Germany for the first time at Deutchlandhalle Arena, headlined by WWF World Champion Ric Flair defeating Randy Savage.

1994 - ECW ran a television taping in Hamburg, Pennsylvania, highlighted by a match featuring Sabu and Cactus Jack. Early in the match, Sabu missed a moonsault to the floor and landed on his already injured ribs on the guardrail. Later in the bout, Sabu broke a beer bottle over the head of Cactus. Sabu actually hit Cactus with the thick bottle several times before it finally broke. Sabu then won the match with an Arabian Press. This match is featured (unfortunately with overdubbed commentary by Foley and Jonathan Coachman, instead of Joey Styles' original commentary) on the "Mick Foley - Greatest Hits & Misses DVD. The show also saw Chris Benoit vs. The Tazmaniac (Tazz) in a ten-minute draw, The Public Enemy defeat Axl & Ian Rotten in a Baseball Bat match, and 2 Cold Scorpio defeating Borne Again (Matt Borne) via DQ.

2002 - During an edition of Raw from Houston, Texas, Kane became a double champion and set up an opportunity to become a triple champion. Already one-half of the World Tag Team Champions with The Hurricane, Kane defeats Chris Jericho to win the Intercontinental Title with a chokeslam, despite the interference of Triple H. As a result of this win, Kane earned a title shot a Triple H's World Championship at No Mercy.

2006 - NWA ran a live event in Bridgeport, CT headlined by Bryan Danielson defending the ROH title against Kamala.  Yes, really.  Adam Dolan filed the following live report:

2011 - Gail Kim's WWE contract officially expired.  She had quit the company several weeks before.
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