WWE has reportedly informed several talents, including Zeb Colter and Vickie Guerrero, that all “non-essential” personnel will soon be left off upcoming live events. The decision was made as a cost cutting measure, with the WWE doing away with the “B-Towns” to run larger arenas, which have a higher cost. This is all happening when the company’s top star, John Cena, is off the road due to injury.

The cost cutting move will not apply to Paul Heyman or Brad Maddox, who are both considered “vital” to the current storylines. Heyman only works a limited amount of live dates, but is a featured heel against CM Punk. Maddox has been the representative for the Triple H regime on the shows.

It is unknown when Guerrero and Colter will be officially pulled from the live events, but it should be noted that Colter did not appear on last weekend’s live events, which may mean that he is already off the live events.

This is the same thing TNA recently did as it simply doesn’t make sense to fly talents in when they are not being used. It’s a complete waste of money.

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