Matt Striker recently spoke with The Layfield Report and discussed how he became an announcer in WWE.

“One night, Bruce Pritchard told me that I’d be needed the next day in Atlanta,” he said. “This was strange because Bruce never really talked to me. I was a new guy and Bruce had been contributing to the business for years. I’d always known who he was and liked his work so it was kind of cool to me. I went to Atlanta and was told that I’d be tried out as a commentator. I’d been doing this for years… since I was seven. I had my own imaginary federation that my G.I. Joe and AWA wrestling figures competed within. I did commentary into a tape recorder- my mother still has the tapes. So that’s what I did. Turns out it was Joey Styles’ idea and Joey had the foresight, courage and belief to bring it up in a meeting once a need opened up on ECW. Now, in all honesty, it was probably agreed upon just to move on to the next, bigger problem that needed attention, but either way – I was in.”

You can read the full interview at this link.

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