In an interview with Brian Soscia of Beneath The Mat, Randy Orton talked about his future in wrestling, 12 Rounds 2, working with Hulk Hogan and more. Here are some highlights:

On his future in wrestling: “I think the tank is still pretty much full. What I try to do is every couple months take a weekend off. Sometimes with us times flies by and before you know it you haven’t a day off, a good nights sleep in a long time. Your body needs that. Your mind needs that. When you got a family you have to find a week here and there throughout the year where you can just hang up your boots and be a dad, be a husband, and not travel around the world being a WWE Superstar. Everybody needs that.”

On working with Hulk Hogan: “It was great, it was magical with him, guys that are over like that. If you get the chance in there with someone that well known, even though I think he had a hard timemoving around, it didn’t matter.”

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