- It appears that there will be some sort of celebration for The Rock on this week’s WWE RAW telecast in Lafayette, Louisiana. Louisiana MMA fighter Guil Guillory posted the following on Facebook over the weekend: “Okay friends I know this sounds weird but the WWE is coming to Lafayette tomorrow night and they’ve asked me to help them find a Mardi gras float for the TV show tomorrow night. I need a few of them. Let me know if you have a float and can send me pics for them to see. Thanks guys.” There is also reportedly unverified information that the University of Lafayette’s marching band will be performing with The Rock on the show. Monday’s RAW will be The Rock’s last WWE appearance for two weeks until he returns to television to promote his rematch with John Cena at WrestleMania 29.

– Nothing  has been decided in terms of The Undertaker’s status for WrestleMania 29.He wasn’t backstage at RAW last week despite being in Nashville the night before, though he did reportedly did have a meeting with Vince McMahon. In the photo that was taken at the Nashville hockey game, he appeared to be in better shape than he had been and that led to speculation that he was ready to come back. He has undergone major surgeries since last wrestling at WrestleMania 28 ten months ago. Those close to Taker say that if he doesn’t do WrestleMania this year, it means nothing in terms of his retirement and only that he didn’t have enough time to recover from health issues. The belief is that he would like to return for WrestleMania 30, which could be his last hurrah. If he is working WrestleMania 29, he will likely appear on RAW tonight or during the next several weeks. With The Rock leaving for the next two weeks, this would also be WWE’s opportunity to begin the feud between Punk and ‘Taker. will see soon.

– Jack Swagger won the Elimination Chamber match and is currently scheduled to face Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 29. 

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