WWE tapes next week’s WWE Monday Night RAW tonight. Theytape Friday’s SmackDown on Wednesday and next Friday’s SmackDown on Thursday. Here is their complete schedule as they go on tour in Australia, China and South Africa…

July 23: RAW Taping (for July 29) in Laredo, TX
July 24: SmackDown Taping (for July 26) in Corpus Christi, TX
July 25: SmackDown Taping (for August 2) in Houston, TX
July 26: Melbourne, Australia
July 26: Atlanta, GA
July 27: Sydney, Australia
July 27: Macon, GA
July 28: Brisbane, Australia
July 29: Adelaide, Australia
July 30: Perth, Australia
July 30: Cape Town, South Africa
July 31: Cape Town, South Africa
August 1: Durban, South Africa
August 2: Shanghai, China
August 2: Johannesburg, South Africa
August 3: Johannesburg, South Africa

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