Source: Wrestling Inc

There are currently no plans to add another member to Paul Heyman's group. According to a source close to the situation, Heyman also suggested to creative that Curtis Axel be kept separate from the CM Punk / Brock Lesnar program, realizing that Axel will likely be used as fodder.

There has been some talk about doing a Stephanie McMahon / Triple H vs. Paul Heyman / Curtis Axel mixed tag team match at SummerSlam, but some people are against Heyman being involved in the ring that night since he will be managing Lesnar against Punk at the event.

Also, the reason that WWE essentially re-shot the Punk - Heyman "let's stay friends" angle on last week's RAW, which was originally done for the App and after Payback the night before, was because views for the video were "disappointing." The company pretty much ignored the original video and reset the story on RAW as a result.

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