There has been a number of sources recently that WWE creative knows it has a major leak in its ranks.  Many of their recently planned storylines have gotten out before they happened and it has become an issue within the company, with management getting more aggravated by the leaks.

We have also heard from many, many readers in the last few months that someone on Reddit has posted the winners to every PPV match before the show airs for months now. 

With that said, posted a story about it today at this link.  I won't recap it so go and check it out.  I can tell you this however, according to two WWE sources, this story has made them even madder about the creative leaks.  Everyone in WWE who gets their hands on all of the information ahead of time better realize that they are now on WWE's version of Dean Wormer's Double Secret Probation.  And oviously, they should be. 

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