WWE released their Fourth Quarter and Full Year financials today. Here are the PPV numbers for the quarter-

Pay-Per-View revenues were $13.0 million as compared to $14.6 million in the prior-year quarter reflecting the production of three pay-per-view events in the current quarter as compared to four in the prior-year quarter. In addition, revenue and buys were impacted by the timing of our Pay-Per-View distribution in the U.K. as our television partner in that country selected one fewer event in the current quarter for distribution via pay-per-view. On a comparable basis, for the events produced in the quarter, revenue increased approximately 4% as a 3% decline in buys was more than offset by a 7% increase in the average revenue per buy due in part to an increased proportion of buys to view our events in high definition, which generally attracts higher retail prices.

It should be noted, as it is above, that WWE cut out one PPV in the quarter, as opposed to last year.

The Hell in a Cell PPV did 17,0000 more buys in this quarter.

The Survivor Series was down 73,000 buys from last year. Last year’s version of the PPV featured the Rock teaming with John Cena as the main draw.

The WWE TLC PPV was down 4,000 buys.

Overall WWE was down 144,000 buys for the quarter. They did run one less PPV event, but if you take out the 121,000 PPV buys from the Vengeance PPV in 2011, the promotion was still down 23,000 buys.

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