Match #1: Curtis Axel defeated The Miz via countout to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

Afterwards, Antonio Cesaro and Zeb Colter came to the ring. Zeb said that he disliked being here in Jacksonville, then realizing that it was Daytona Beach instead. He said his usual stuff about foreigners not speaking English, and that Cesaro was a “Real American” as he came into the country the right way. He then challenged anyone in the back, counting down from 10 to 0, to come out and face Cesaro. He got down to 1 when Dolph Ziggler’s music hit. He ran to the ring and started to attack Cesaro. Cesaro and Colter then left the ringside area, and Ziggler accepted the challenge later on in the evening.

Match #2: Ted DiBiase defeated Heath Slater via a roll-up.

Tony Chimel then announced that the Ziggler/Cesaro match would be a “Fan’s Choice” match. The choices were 2 out of 3 falls and No Disqualification match.

Match #3: Layla and Kaitlyn defeated AJ and Aksana when Kaitlyn speared Aksana.

Match #4: The Great Khali defeated Epico and Primo in an Espenhart Special, aka Handicap match

Match #5: Sheamus defeated Big E Langston w/AJ via the Brogue Kick


Match #6: The Usos defeated The Prime Time Players via a Superfly Splash.

Then, we found out what stipulation the fans chose for Ziggler/Cesaro. It was No DQ. Shocking, I know.

Match #7: Dolph Ziggler defeated Antonio Cesaro in a No Disqualification match via the Zig Zag.

Before the main event began, Wade Barrett got on the mic and said that he was on a bit of a losing streak. You think? Anyways, he then ran down Daytona, calling it a wannabe Jersey Shore.

Match #8: Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett via the RKO.

Biggest Pops:
1. Randy Orton
2. Dolph Ziggler
3. Sheamus

Biggest Heat:
1. Zeb Colter
2. Antonio Cesaro (because of Colter)
3. Wade Barrett

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