It was a quality WWE live event at Poughkeepsie’s Mid-Hudson Civic Center. A 5 p.m. Sunday show, it looked near enough to a sellout.

A nice surprise for fans entering the arena as WWE Hall of Famer Bob Backlund had a station in the Civic Center lobby where he took photos and met fans. The best part of this was that Backlund stood quietly until fans came up to him and he started going nuts and screaming.

They did a fan poll via text or tweet where you could choose the stipulation in the Alberto Del Rio-Big E Langston match.

• Justin Gabriel defeated Heath Slater in a fun opener with the lionsault-style moonsault.

• Alex Riley defeated Curt Hawkins after a TKO. After the match, The Shield attacked both men and left them laying with triple power bombs.

* Kaitlyn successfully defended the Divas title against AJ. AJ got the “Black Widow” octopus move on, but Kaitlyn got the corner and eventually hit the spear for the win.

World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler came out and cut a promo, picking up AJ’s spirits, saying she would be champion someday like him. He basically said he was the reason we were all here, but said he was not cleared to compete and put over Big E Langston.

• Del Rio defeated Langston in a no-disqualification match. There was a chair, a kendo stick, and a table introduced in this fun wild brawl. The finish was Big E going through a table. Ziggler tried interfering, by stepping into the ring with his belt, but was ejected, as was AJ.

• After an intermission, The Great Khali defeated Damien Sandow. I believe the finish was the chop.

• Sin Cara defeated Cody Rhodes with a swanton bomb in a match that had plenty of action, but also some miscommunication.

• Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan & Kane defeated The Shield by disqualification when Roman Reigns ran in with a chair at the end of a chaotic, fun match. Orton, Bryan and Kane cleared the ring and Orton RKOd Ambrose. Orton did one lap around the ring, taking photos and slapping hands to end the show.

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